Ranking And Understanding The Top Lead Data Technology

Lead generation is a tool that is used throughout the business world to bolster financial bottom lines and increase success in sales figures.  Lead generation is, in fact, a simple concept, yet it is a concept that is defined by its many converging facets in determining success. To illustrate, successful lead generation is not measured by the number of leads that a company had procured. A high quantity of leads may very well be wrought with situational factors that can prove to be a bane to a company and its financial bottom line.


Qualified Leads

How To Find Qualified Leads 1,000

So, you’re ready to throw yourself into the lead generation game. But how do you go about finding qualified leads? And what exactly is a qualified lead? A lead qualification is a contact that is already in your database.

The definition can vary, depending on the business, but generally, it just means that their contact information has been double-checked and that they are genuinely interested in your product. Some businesses and marketers only consider a lead as a lead qualification when a representative has touched base with that person on the phone, rather than someone who has merely filled in a form online.


Lead Quality vs. Quantity: What is the Solution? 1,000

The old adage ‘quality is better than quantity’ is usually true when it comes to leads, though there are exceptions. However, before we get onto quality versus quantity, let’s take a step back and discuss how we define a lead. It’s pretty basic, but there are a few finer points we want to cover. A lead is a clue or a hint. It signifies the beginning of a relationship and consists of information which may be vague, not entirely correct, or not validated just yet. You may have the name of a person that’s likely to be the best contact for a certain business but will later turn out to be the person who will direct you toward the appropriate contact.


What Are Cold Email Sales And How Do They Help?

cold email sales

Cold calls as a form of business communication have been in our collective societal psyche for decades. A very particular form of salesmanship, cold calling is conducted by sales employees to potential customers who have never previously been in contact with the person conducting the cold call. (more…)

How to Do Guerrilla Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

guerrilla social media marketing for small businesses

Why guerrilla social media marketing became so important for small businesses? Social media has become the best platform for creating unconventional campaigns for low costs. Viral videos, memes, gifs, amusing and pointful texts serve the main goal – to stand out from the abundance of information. In this article, we will talk about guerrilla social media marketing, the field that is focused exactly on the creating bright campaigns that draw maximum attention while spending less. (more…)

What is the Best Way of Getting Leads from LinkedIn?

Getting Leads from LinkedIn

Getting leads from LinkedIn isn’t that complicated but why should you? Today more than 60% percent of people are searching the firm/company on the social networks before purchase. That is why you need to know which social network gives you the best results in communication with potential clients. According to Social Media Today LinkedIn is 277 % more effective at generating leads than Facebook or Twitter. It is especially effective for B2B – 80,33 % of leads generated through social media for B2B marketers come from LinkedIn. Now you know why is it worth getting leads from LinkedIn and here is how can you do it: (more…)

Funny Sales Emails That Work: How to Create One?

Funny sales emails help you to break the ice with your potential customer and make him or her buy your product in a very unconventional way. Prospects nowadays are busier than ever before – they get bombed by hundreds of letters per day. A funny sales email with a humorous subject line will make your prospects open and read your email instead of the other 99. (more…)

17 Most Famous Sales Books of All Time

Why do you need these famous sales books? Do you feel like you need to make more sales and you don’t know what to do? Well, that is exactly how I felt some time ago. As a sales professional, I should have found a solution for my problem. I have discovered these books. Those are the famous sales books for professionals in sales techniques, strategy, and account management. These are the most famous sales books of all time. They helped me to learn great sales techniques that I apply in my work of a professional salesman.


Channels to Contact and Convert Leads

the best channels for converting leads

If you want to increase traffic, conversion and customer loyalty, then you need to pick good and suitable traffic channels for your project. This is not so easy because some channels may work great for one business, but for others it will be a waste of resources. So, what kind of channels are the best to contact and convert leads, especially for you? Let’s try to find out.


What is More Important for a Start-up: Retention or Revenue?

What is more important for a start-up

When launching a start-up, sooner or later you will need to think about a customer’s retention and revenue. Well, it is hard to imagine both of them separately, but we used to make mistakes and forget about it. So, what should you make a priority: clients or money? How should you work with retention and planning? Let’s try to find the answers to these questions below.