Funny Sales Emails That Work: How to Create One?

Funny sales emails help you to break the ice with your potential customer and make him or her buy your product in a very unconventional way. Prospects nowadays are busier than ever before – they get bombed by hundreds of letters per day. A funny sales email with a humorous subject line will make your prospects open and read your email instead of the other 99. (more…)

17 Most Famous Sales Books of All Time

Why do you need these famous sales books? Do you feel like you need to make more sales and you don’t know what to do? Well, that is exactly how I felt some time ago. As a sales professional, I should have found a solution for my problem. I have discovered these books. Those are the famous sales books for professionals in sales techniques, strategy, and account management. These are the most famous sales books of all time. They helped me to learn great sales techniques that I apply in my work of a professional salesman.