What is the Best Way of Getting Leads from LinkedIn?

What is the Best Way of Getting Leads from LinkedIn?

Getting Leads from LinkedIn

Getting leads from LinkedIn isn’t that complicated but why should you? Today more than 60% percent of people are searching the firm/company on the social networks before purchase. That is why you need to know which social network gives you the best results in communication with potential clients. According to Social Media Today LinkedIn is 277 % more effective at generating leads than Facebook or Twitter. It is especially effective for B2B – 80,33 % of leads generated through social media for B2B marketers come from LinkedIn. Now you know why is it worth getting leads from LinkedIn and here is how can you do it:

  1. Create a killer LinkedIn profile and company page
  2. Make yourself visible
  3. Make smart connections

These aspects of a LinkedIn lead generation strategy perform the best way of getting leads from LinkedIn. Make sure you read and use all of them:

1. Create a killer LinkedIn profile and company page

It’s a must-do step. You can’t generate leads without a good personal profile. If you want to know more about creating a killer LinkedIn profile read this article or see this infographic. However, here are some essentials of building a strong LinkedIn profile:

  • Professional high-quality photo. Your LinkedIn profile has 11 times more chances to get viewed if you add a picture of yourself. For such cases, it’s highly recommended to have few photos made by the professional photographer, which you can put in your portfolio and on social media business pages.
  • Search Engine Optimize your profile. Getting leads from LinkedIn requires important keywords. It will help people to find you and your product. Consider using Google AdWords to pick appropriate keywords. Also, make sure you add links to other resources, which contain professional information about you.
  • Take everything from your LinkedIn profile. Fill out as much of the profile as possible if the information there will be relevant to your work. Write a headline and make sure it perfectly matches your area of work. Also, fill out the “summary” field with 5–6 of your biggest achievements, explaining how you can help your if they are willing to work with you. Includes skills, volunteer associations, education, etc.
  • Ask for recommendations. Recommendations are the currency of the realm on LinkedIn. Reach out to your friends, colleagues, managers, and associates and ask them to write a recommendation for you. It adds some level of objectivity about you, your skills and your accomplishments. Don’t wait for others to write recommendations for you, instead take the initiative and write and post recommendations for people you worked with. In this case, it could be that the person returns the favor with a recommendation, a referral or maybe even a purchase.

2. Make yourself visible

Even the best LinkedIn profile can’t guarantee you a successful lead generation process if your profile will not be visible to other users of LinkedIn. You have a chance to import a lot of contacts from your email and Facebook accounts, but there is also a Twitter. Make sure you have links to your LinkedIn profile or company page and regularly create posts to encourage your subscribers to join you on LinkedIn. You can use a tool like Crowdfire to send automatically a custom message to anybody who subscribes for your Twitter account. You can also write a tweet with mentioning your new subscribers encouraging them to connect on LinkedIn too. This can give you some traffic but the most important ways of making yourself visible are:

  • Join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your field of work and start discussions. You can either create your own group or join already existing groups. Joining the other groups might be a better idea as they already saved your time by developing a high level of traffic. What groups should you join then? It should be not only groups relevant to your industry but also those your potential ideal customers are at. Joining such groups can significantly aid your lead generation efforts by putting your message right in front of their eyes. Try groups created by competitors or ones your existing customers are already members of. Active participation in these groups provides you with an opportunity to reach your buyer persona in the awareness or consideration stage. This results in generation of qualified leads.
  • Produce a high-quality content and publish it on LinkedIn. You can produce content at your page or groups you are a member of. Both result in getting leads from LinkedIn if you follow several rules. First of all, be educational, not promotional. You should bring value in every single post of yours. Be sure the articles you post on your own profile prove your expertise and have relevant CTA’s. Post at groups should be educational as well. For example, instead of sharing 1000leads company page we focus on a  blog post about the best way of getting leads from LinkedIn. A good measure of how much of your own content to share is to follow the 80-20 rule. 80% of your effort should be focused on educating prospects and only 20% can be spent sharing your company’s content, as long as it will bring value to the group. The content you create is the most important as it proves an expertise of your company and your own professionalism. f you want to know more about it – read an eBook about how content can be used for getting leads from LinkedIn.  And don’t forget to track which group brings you the highest traffic through Google Analytics and a proper Campaign URL Builder.
  1. Make smart connections

Let’s say you created a great LinkedIn profile and you also made yourself visible through different groups. Still, for getting leads from LinkedIn you need to reach them.

Add people who fall in your target category and start interacting with them. The problem is that a lot of marketers appeal to be too pushy. That is why you need the first touch – let your buyer persona receive that message that somebody have viewed their profile. Then you have much higher chance of getting in touch with them. Send them a personalized message with showing a pure interest in their businesses and start a conversation.

Such a strategy requires a lot of time on your side but here are some tricks. First, you can use Google advanced search to find prospects on LinkedIn. Google’s search queries can help you find way more relevant B2B leads that LinkedIn’s search. You can learn more about it here

Another trick is that you may use a special tool to do profile views for you automatically. Such tools have a long free trial period or cost very low. For example, you can take this tool into consideration.


Combining these 3 steps in one entire strategy will result in getting leads to from LinkedIn straight to your inbox. Just make sure you avoid these 15 Mistakes in Lead Generation. And when you will accomplish your goal be sure you know How to Convert your leads to Customers.  

So good luck with getting leads from LinkedIn!

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