How to Do Guerrilla Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

How to Do Guerrilla Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

guerrilla social media marketing for small businesses

Why guerrilla social media marketing became so important for small businesses? Social media has become the best platform for creating unconventional campaigns for low costs. Viral videos, memes, gifs, amusing and pointful texts serve the main goal – to stand out from the abundance of information. In this article, we will talk about guerrilla social media marketing, the field that is focused exactly on the creating bright campaigns that draw maximum attention while spending less.

The guerrilla marketing approach is extremely useful for small businesses. A lot of them can’t afford large loud advertising campaigns. Rather than spending lots of money on something conventional, you start by finding the points that, most likely, trigger an emotional response in your customers. After you know where exactly you need to shoot, you create the content that looks bright and outstanding.
The content is everything, and guerrilla social media marketing isn’t an exception. Here your content should make people laugh, leave them touched, or make them think about something important and valuable. The emotion your prospects are getting is what can make your social media campaign succeed. Let’s find out what you need to make it work.

Understanding the origins of guerrilla social media marketing

Jay Conrad Levinson (the author of the term) explains guerrilla approach in the following way:

I’m referring to the soul and essence of guerrilla marketing which remains as always — achieving conventional goals, such as profits and joy, with unconventional methods, such as investing energy instead of money.

So if you face difficulties while figuring out whether the strategy you’ve picked is one of guerrilla marketing strategies, think about the following premises:

  • outstanding
  • budget
  • innovative
Every guerrilla social media marketing campaign should include these three characteristics. If your business is small, and you don’t have a lot of resources, it’s the only way for you. Focusing on social media marketing will open a bunch of opportunities for you to reach the audience. But you definitely need to know your prospects and their tastes at the good level.
Don’t be afraid. At the end of the day, creating guerrilla marketing strategies is also a skill that can be learned and practiced. It always starts without understanding your audience and the way you can catch their attention. As you advance in learning about people, finding their touching spots, you become better in it.

Let me show you an example, which has once influence my choice.

Example of guerrilla marketing

While traveling in Brazil, I was looking for places to stay and get in touch with the local people. San Pablo is considered to be a city of business (skyscrapers and lack of the seaside do their job). But I remember it as one of the creative people, long nights and salsa.
First of all, I was looking for the place to stay. Quite expectable, I found lots of them. The demand among the tourist is pretty high regardless the time of the year. So, the problem of finding place decreases to the question of costs and your preferences.
The first look at the options drove me to the conclusion that I needed something different to feel Brazil, not just to spend the night. So when I came across a place with the bright graffiti, I grew enthusiastic. It was too standing out for me to pass by. On the facade, I read a name, that means “At home”, and I didn’t have any doubts.

guerrilla social media marketing for small businesses

Would you pass by?

This is how guerrilla marketing strategy may look like in action. You see something that is just different. It drives your curiosity, and the rest already happens on the emotional side. Triggering emotions is an extremely powerful thing but, let’s be honest, it’s not easy. Of course, you are risking but if you reach the target, be sure it’s a win-win. 

Creating a guerrilla social media marketing campaign

Nowadays, one can hardly imagine more efficient and low-cost way of spreading the word of mouth, than social media channels. It’s a great space for unfolding your guerrilla social media marketing tactics for small business. First of all, it’s already of low cost. The other part about making it outstanding depends on you and can become tricky. Let’s find out how you can handle it.

  • Make sure you know your audience. Every time we start with this because there’s no marketing strategy in the world that doesn’t start with the customer. There’s a plethora of information about buyer persona and buyer’s journey that may help you to get closer to your potential customer.
  • Take your time to conduct research. To stand out from the crowd, first of all, you need to know this crowd – what they offer and what they don’t.
  • I’m not telling you about the importance of having your company’s profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Nor am I telling how often you need to post. The reason is quite straightforward – you can find information on the basics of social media marketing everywhere. Here we are talking about the principles of the unconventional approach.
  • Content makes the party. The foundations of social media marketing will teach you how to properly maintain social media channels. You can also learn what kind of content you may need for that. But they won’t teach you how to create outstanding content because it’s only you who can do that.
  • First, learn traditional practices of creating content. After that, turn on your creativity and create something that stands out from what you’ve learned. And keep in mind your targeted audience all along the way. What makes them laugh? How to drive their curiosity? What can make them sensitive?
  • Write briefly and brightly, create viral videos and visuals that stay in memory, leverage your sense of humor or turn to someone else for this. Remember that your content should trigger emotions!
  • If your business has anything to do with the place you’re located, consider combining guerrilla social media marketing with outbound marketing. In fact, guerrilla marketing strategies for small businesses often become a point where outbound marketing and inbound marketing intersect, which works extremely good and leads to even better results (like bright and minimalistic street ads with the QR codes).

Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

In case if you want to learn more about guerrilla marketing in public spaces, here is a great article.


Guerrilla social media marketing is the great way to show your creativity and to fastly become the talk of the town. Here are the main reasons of why it will become only more popular in the future:

  • the number of small businesses that try to survive on a relatively small budget is growing;
  • businesses always want to get noticed as fast as possible;
  • the market is crowded with the similar businesses and products, therefore, following traditional practices becomes riskier (even more than acting unconventionally).

Make sure you know where to find leads to your small business. Feel free to drop me a line if you have any doubts, questions, or suggestions. I’m always open to the dialogue.

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