How to Find Influencers?

How to Find Influencers?

How to find influencers

There is no need to explain to you about influencers and their importance in new marketing. Someone will say that this is a brand-new marketing trend, but we would say that this is an opportunity we cannot ignore. Using influencers’ network for broadcasting about your product can be the most effective “advertising campaign” you ever launch.

It happens to be a bit time consuming, but if you set relationship with several influencers, you will feel that it is worth it.

You need to understand the difference between advocates and influencers. Influencers not only advocate for something that is being discussed but also shape and define the conversation in their area. Influencers usually bring up themes that no one had raised before, bring challenging ideas to existing conversations in a sphere. Influencers might be celebrities, bloggers or pundits who have the ability to affect a behavioral change in others by mentioning a specific brand. An advocate communicates consistently regarding one specific brand. A true advocate is a highly satisfied customer.

Questions appear – how and where to find your influencers. We will try to explain the easiest way we found to search and verify your influencers.

In the beginning, you should define your influencer. Every brand, niche and sphere has different influencers. It is doubtful that if you provide SaaS products Paris Hilton would be a good influencer for you. This is just because her audience is more likely to be interested in fashion, social events and small, glamorous dogs. Therefore, you need to find the one that contextually fits you.

While defining your influencers you can use the “R”-rule:

  • Relevance. The content the influencers are sharing should be relevant to your business and industry.
  • Reach. It determines the number of people you could potentially reach through the influencer’s follower base that would bring value to your business.
  • Resonance. This is defined by engaging with a valuable audience through relevant content.

It would be very productive for you to make sure you are approaching “PR-friendly” influencers. Look through the resources and their posts. Do these sites work with brands? A lot of them do not offer paid promotions, giveaways or reviews, etc. If you see that this resource has never worked with brands, they probably would disagree. The other way is to give them a great piece of information in which all bloggers are interested.

Kristen Matthews (@KristenWords) suggests creating an image of your potential influencer:

  • Personality type: Decide if you need an activist, an informer, an authority, etc. to best promote your campaign or product.
  • Genre: Pick one or two. Examples include technology, fashion, travel, marketing, etc.
  • Niche: This can be two or three. In order to promote my own product, I usually target marketing and PR influencers, as my genre and my niches are firms writing about blogger outreach and influencer targeting.
  • Topics: Pick a topic that your ideal influencer sometimes talks about on social media or their blog. You will be referencing this topic when you reach out and explain why the two of you are such a good fit.
  • Type of reach: Is it site traffic you are after or social media followers? Is the influencer an active blogger? Do you have a visually driven campaign and need your influencer to be on Pinterest and Instagram? Is it tweets you are after? Whatever reach you think is best for your brand, narrow down the channels and the number of followers on those channels.

You probably have an idea of who your influencers are, those who can make a move in your industry. So, you need to find and follow them to see what are they talking about.

One of the most popular ways to find them is via social media. You can do a search by topic or brand name and see who talks about you. By monitoring social media, I believe you will find influencers as well as advocates you had not even thought about.

Before starting with research, do not make the mistake of searching influencers only by your SEO keywords or brand name. Think more from the point of view of those you want to influence. What topics can be more interesting to them? What problems and questions do they have in your industry?

But how do you find those who will more likely to share your post? The best way is to find those who have already shared something similar.

One of the strongest influencers is through bloggers. Luckily, each one of them has at least one active profile, but usually they are active across several social media platforms and work on at least one blog.

To make this process less painless and time consuming, the bright minds of this world created numerous tools to make marketers happy.

First, you need to find and make a list of posts that are close to your theme.

Do a Google search to find the top-ranking posts for your theme that are popular now.

marketing case study about influencer

Use online tools like Buzzsumo to find posts on your themes and influencers. You can find the most popular posts as well as view shares and backlinks on the topic. By the way, you can try to use the “influencers” tab to get lists of names and profiles. But in the free version, you have limitations. Make a list of posts and of those who shared it.

Influencers marketing buzsumo

Use Topsy to search for Twitter posts. Through this tool, you can see the history of all posts that are related to your topic. You can go through the results that have appeared within the past hour or the entire history, see tweets, links, influencers and other items. Click on conversation bubble and see which tweets are influential.

Twitter Search Monitoring Analytics Topsy

You can also request the demo of Grouphigh. This tool will help you search and sort millions of active blogs, create a list of influencers and their contacts. If you have it, search for general topics of the bloggers who might write relevant posts.

GroupHigh influencers finding

One more useful tool to find Twitter influencers is Followerwonk. This tool allows you to search profiles of individuals who have your keyword in their bios or have tweets relevant to your topic. You can go deep into Twitter analytics and access to easy-to-understand data to find the most influential tweeters of certain themes.

Twitter influencers followerwonk

If you made a list of blogs and posts with great engagement and could not find influencers via other tools, you can see who shared it by a simple tool such as Just shorten your URL with a post and you will see in the right lower corner the block with those who shorten this URL with content via

Bitly shorten your URL

Another popular tool to find your Influencers is Klout. This tool is used to define a person’s influence score. You can search influencers here by keyword or topic. It shows a number of shares, views, followers, etc. The score goes from 1 to 100. The higher score, the more influential the profile is. Klout measures over 400 metrics from the activity on ten social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, WordPress etc.

Klout Influencers

Google alerts is also a powerful tool to find new influencers and stay in tune with all new posts, comments, and your influencers. Set alerts for keywords that are relevant to your brand. This will also help you to identify those who actively write about topics in your niche.

Goggle alerts

There are numerous tools over the web to help you find your influencers, but you can also go beyond the web. You can go through all conferences in your field and make a list of speakers. They can be powerful in broadcasting not only via the Internet but also while giving a speech.

However, if you have no time and your working resources are limited, you can use services such as and it will create a list of influencers for you.

1000 Leads is a service that provides you with the contact list of your influencers. To ensure high-quality contacts, the individual approach in working with every client is highly used. Service delivers only verified information. At first, you are interviewed to understand your demands and your targeted audience. As soon as all the details are clarified, the research is launched to provide you with the right list of influencers. After research, the document with segmentation of influencers by type and with examples of resources is created. If everything fits you, you go on the next stage and receive a super targeted contact list of your influencers.

Find your leads

So as you see there are a great number of tools to make the life of a marketer easier and helps them avoid losing the opportunity to find new customers through the influencers. Remember that we live in a dynamic world, and you always need to stay connected.

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