Ranking And Understanding The Top Lead Data Technology

Ranking And Understanding The Top Lead Data Technology

Lead generation is a tool that is used throughout the business world to bolster financial bottom lines and increase success in sales figures.  Lead generation is, in fact, a simple concept, yet it is a concept that is defined by its many converging facets in determining success. To illustrate, successful lead generation is not measured by the number of leads that a company had procured. A high quantity of leads may very well be wrought with situational factors that can prove to be a bane to a company and its financial bottom line.

Examples of leads that are of no benefit to companies are exemplified in the following: leads from businesses and/or customers who are not good or ideal fits for your company due to a disparity in vision or goals, leads from sources that are not financially viable and unable to step into a decision-making role without outside consult to achieve finances, and leads that have a proven record of failing or of being troublesome in any number of regards.

Generally, bad leads can be found everywhere, and thus, a lead is not merely a lead. Only leads that are carefully assessed to have the potential to greatly benefit your company should be utilized and further explored. In today’s modern times, increasing numbers of companies are expanding their assessment protocols to ensure that they are taking on leads that are an appropriate match for their business and that have the potential to benefit profit margins and productivity, among other critical factors found in businesses.

Implementing lead generation practices within your company is a relatively simple process that requires easy-to-understand protocols that are implemented for all employees dealing with generated leads to understand and follow as they move through leads and choose amongst ones that will serve to benefit their company.  A basic foundational rule of lead generation protocol is to be mindful of how outside companies align with yours, to determine how appropriate forming a long-lasting business relationship with them will be.

Carefully chosen lead generations will boost sales figures immensely within your company.  These lead generations serve to enmesh outside companies within your own, in a solidly unified partnership with structurally aligned goals that enable both companies to use each other’s market presence to grow greater status within the market and to boost profits in previously unforeseen ways. Leads can be generated and found almost anywhere commerce and business is.

A lead generation sometimes takes little more than attentiveness, patience, and an expertly delivered reply to inquiring leads that inform them of the myriad benefits your company can provide, and how the partnership will be a mutually beneficial one that is enduring throughout the inevitable ups and downs of a frenetic market.

The key takeaway point for the lead generation concept is to maintain consistent contact. Keep talking, inviting, engaging, honing, and perfecting your questions and answers in regards to your company, its needs, and its vision for the future. Ensure you make use of the enormous potential offered by social media, email, and telephone, where leads are just a few clicks away.

While lead generation is an immensely easy-to-understand concept that is readily grasped by many different populations within the business realm, in contrast, it is the ever-changing technology surrounding lead generation that muddles the concept and renders it a sometimes confusing and difficult concept to grasp by employees and even some companies.

Whether your business is real estate related, oriented around the sales of lead-based paint, or recently implemented tech skills for hire, the vast number of lead generation tools, methods, and practices are seemingly infinite in scope. As business flourishes in times of bustling markets, increasing numbers of lead generation opportunities arise, which is advantageous to those looking for a wide array of lead generation tools and services to choose from but can prove to be a bane for those already confused by the process and the multitude of options to choose from.

As the business world continues to evolve, lead generation opportunities have evolved along with it. Joining lead generation are the concepts of marketing automation and management tools with functionalities that serve to strengthen customer relations. However, there are myriad other options available for companies to choose from, to the point where selecting the best option becomes a cumbersome task that requires research in determining the best fit for your company and its needs.

It is imperative that companies and businesses stay abreast of burgeoning technologies centered on lead generation and profit growths. Not having an up-to-date and comprehensive understanding of the latest technology-driven advances in procuring leads can prove disastrous for companies in upcoming years as they may potentially find themselves falling behind competitors who took note of new advances and took an informed and unfaltering stance.

As stated above, keeping abreast of the latest lead data strategies are of immense benefit to companies looking to succeed in a wildly fluctuating market where players can fall out of grace within mere months. Staying afloat on new technologies is not a difficult endeavor. By simply reading the technology section of business-oriented newspapers and online publications, you can keep your grasp on technology and its relationship with lead generation fresh, relevant, and of benefit to your company.

To help indoctrinate you into the tech-driven culture found in business and finance today, listed below are some of the top lead data technology picks currently used by businesses to bolster their image, productivity, and financial bottom line.

1.Video content

  • YouTube, Facebook video, and Twitter video are our top picks for sharing video.

Hubspot conducted a study in 2017 that found nearly 50% of marketers have plans to implement YouTube video technology within their content marketing processes. Most companies plan on integrating YouTube towards the beginning of the coming year.

YouTube is a powerhouse company that enjoys immense growth with each passing year. For companies seeking to generate an increased number of leads. YouTube is a place where much of their attention should be focused, as the power or video is unmatched by anything else available in the tech world today.

Similarly, Facebook video is rumored to have around 50% of business marketers making plans to integrate the technology into their content very soon in the calendar year.  Twitter also has video functionality and is enjoying a great deal of growth amongst mobile users. The relationship between Twitter and mobile use is so pervasive that an incredible 90% of Twitter’s videos are played on smart phone devices.

Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are amongst the hottest and most powerful tech companies in existence today. HubSpot did a comprehensive evaluation of the three sites and could discern that upwards of 43% of viewers desire more video content from marketing departments. With that information in mind, countless companies are clamoring to fill that void successfully.

2.Written content

While not nearly as powerful and persuasive as video content, written content remains hugely popular amongst internet users, and is an integral mode to communicate thoughts, ideas, inventions, innovations, advertisements and far more. Sites such as WordPress, Drupal, Contentful, Cloud cannon, and Joomla! are several companies we highly recommend to businesses endeavoring to share valuable content with potential clients and business contacts.

Sites like the ones listed above enable companies to insert their name, vision, and unique products into the online realm to be viewed and considered by millions of users and passerby. All the sites listed above facilitate professional communication and conduct, and are a perfect medium for businesses to explore, to engage and inform viewers, and to ultimately procure new customers, clients, and leads.

3. Promotion and building product awareness

Spredfast, HootSuite, Socedo, Sproutsocial, and Buffer are popular examples of companies that enable you to manage your businesses online presence and contacts. HootSuite is our top pick in this category due to its ability to help you manage and enhance your business Twitter account to potentially entice a wide variety of new users and customers. The program functions by helping you see who you are connecting with, and subsequently making it easier to respond to a multitude of various ongoing interactions, and ultimately provides valuable analytics that you can dissect at your convenience.

Businesses have been clamoring to sign up with HootSuite to grow their various social networks and create a foundational customer base that is interactive, with communication easily maintained back and forth. Also of great value are HootSuite’s post scheduling and content publishing functionalities that serve to help businesses create and publish their own content with professional results.

4.Lead capture

For those companies endeavoring to obtain high-quality leads, landing pages like Unbounce, Leadpages, Instapage, and Landers will help immensely. If relevant to your company and its needs, consider Formstack, Gravity Forms, and Wufoo as means to which collect information through various online forms, such as event registrations and surveys.


In terms of dashboards, Dundas BI and BOARD are the highest ranked available today. Dundas BI is a business intelligence and information visualization program offering integrated dashboards, tools for reporting, and analytics for a low price that has customers lining up to try their services that are the perfect combination of affordability, efficiency, and performance.

Dundas is distinct with a call center dashboard that enables easy viewing of your top agents, as well as inbound and outbound close rates. If desired, there are also executive and HR dashboards available that allow for at-a-glance viewing the status of leads, sales, and productivity of your company.

BOARD is a wildly popular platform amongst companies of all sizes, which allows a seamless integration of interactive reports to ultimately provide a birds-eye view of your marketing, sales, and Human Resources departments and their respective activities on a day-to-day basis. Board features a visually appealing setup and allows you to easily survey your leads, revenues, sales team figures, and main opportunities on a comprehensive level.

Business, finance, and technology are inextricably linked concepts that grow in conjunction with each other in response to societal advances and leaps in innovation.  Today’s business technology is immense in scope; there are myriad options for businesses to choose from to achieve any number of goals, from increasing company and product exposure, compiling information in a comprehensive manner via a call center dashboard, or even just exploring the power within utilizing video and written content.

Businesses thrive through a combination of innovation, evolution, and dedication, with many establishments rising and falling dependent upon their ability to ascend with growing technological times. Countless corporations have bitten the proverbial dust due to their inability to firmly grasp and harness the notions and power of technology.

For companies to stay relevant, a commitment must be made to comprehensively inform and educate owners and personnel on advances in technology and how they can be used within your company to increase productivity, growth, and profits, while also remaining an enduring market figure.


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